Not everyone has the same opinions when it comes to poetry, especially the deeply personal, eye opening poetry in anthologies like Uncommon Minds: Autism Poetry, Prose and Short Stories. So naturally, I was expecting some backlash when I posted my review on wordpress. What I wasn’t expecting was this hilarious poetic response to my comment about rhyme. The poem below was written by Barry Greenwood, an avid reader of the Seeing Double blog who also happens to be my Dad. Why not see if you can come up with a poetic response to my review?

poems that rhyme
I read them all the time
there’s nothing wrong with rhyming
It’s better than two timing
But Gwen thinks rhyming sucks
especially in books
she finds it plods along
predictable and wrong
It makes it rather fun
to guess the word to come
that’s just not quite a rhyme
but close enough this time


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