Lots of people turned up for the event, and we made over £100 through donations and selling books. I am so grateful to everyone that attended the event, particularly my lovely family and the talented Joshua Williams (the other writer who performed with me). We didn’t make a profit, but to be brutally honest it’s rare that events like this do. What’s important is that I had a really good time and hopefully raised awareness of what it’s like living with Autism, whilst celebrating the talent and the individuality of people on the spectrum. I also remembered how much I love performing, and am hoping to do more live events on the theme of autism.


You can still buy copies of The Poetry of Autism on my Etsy Store for £4:00 plus postage and packaging. Each one is hand bound and hand decorated by me. Get yours here:


All profits go to Seeing Double, a Bradford based social enterprise that works with children and adults on the autism spectrum, raising awareness and encouraging people on the spectrum to express themselves through creative arts.


If you weren’t able to attend the launch event, then don’t worry. I was able to record a few of the performances, which you can watch here:










Next week I’ll get back to posting normal articles. I’m currently working on a piece called Autism and Intelligence, which addresses some of the myths surrounding autism and it’s effect on the IQ, from the stereotypical “awkward geniuses” portrayed in tv shows like The Big Bang Theory, to the specialists that insist autism is a learning difficulty despite all the evidence to the contrary. See You then.


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