After about a year of saying I was going to make one, Seeing Double finally has a website. Last week I sat down to make it, thinking it was going to be a simple two hour job. Four hours later I was still there, my finger jabbing various button’s as I swore loudly at the computer, the home page barely finished. It took several more hours (and lot’s of diet coke) to finally finish it. You can access the full website here:

But what is Seeing Double? And how is the website different from the blog?

Seeing Double is a Bradford based social enterprise that works with children and adults on the autism spectrum, raising awareness and encouraging people affected by autism to express themselves through the creative arts. We currently offer:

drama workshops for autistic children

autism awareness training

poetry performances

freelance writing on the subject of autism

inspirational speeches and much much more

We are currently piloting some new services, including peer to peer mentoring for young adults on the autism spectrum and poetry workshops to promote disability equality. To find out more, visit the website!


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