I’ve been blogging for just under a year now, and try to produce at least one 1000-2000 word article a week. But as you may have noticed, I didn’t post anything last week… and… well… I’ve got nothing for you now. Things have been very full on and erratic with my other job, meaning when I do find time to sit down and work on Seeing Double I’m usually too stressed, tired and filled with caffeine to do anything productive.

I’ve also been having some doubts about the way I do autism blogging/training for a while now. Am I being too personal? Am I sharing too much of myself? Have I stopped producing informative articles that shed light on what can be a baffling disorder and instead started to produce self indulgent, voyeuristic sympathy porn? Are my Facebook friends just sick and tired of seeing the link to this blog appear in their news feed?

These kind of questions are keeping me up at night, so to put a long story short, I’ve decided I need a break from blogging. I’m hoping  this break won’t last longer than a few weeks. During this break I’ll continue working on The Poetry of Autism: Volume Two, enjoy my Art Therapy colouring book and examine how other writers/bloggers tackle the subject of autism in the hope of finding my voice again.

Watch this space. I will be back, and my return to blogging will involve something people actually want to read.


4 thoughts

  1. Be kind to yourself Gwen – you do a fantastic job 🙂 A rest is always good, but don’t spend the time beating yourself up – relax whenever you can


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