This is just a short post to wish you all a very merry Christmas. I’ll be taking a two week break from blogging, but should be back with a new autism awareness article early January. For the past two weeks I’ve been working on something very special, the sequel to volume one of The Poetry of Autism! Volume two is called The Poetry of Autism: Eyes of Perspective, it’s 67 pages long and contains poetry by myself, Joshua Williams and Andrew Smith, who are both fantastic writers who also happen to have a diagnosis of high functioning autism. Like its predecessor, Eyes of Perspective is hand bound and hand decorated. The books launch should take place mid to late February, which is when it will become available on Etsy. I’ll only be making 100 copies, so make sure you get yours before they sell out. You can buy my first book, The Poetry of Autism, here:

I’m really excited about Eyes of Perspective. We’ve all worked hard on writing and editing the poems, trying to convey the unique way we see the world through our writing. Here’s a sneak peek:


Out of the Blue (the woman who was no longer a balloon)


After weeks of floating through the ether,

Caressed by clouds

And kissed by the warmth

Of a thousand distant stars

I started to droop,


My sagging skin

Collapsing in on itself

As the decent begins.


It turns out I was hollow inside all along.

All those grandiose claims

Just hot air bearing me up.


Deflated and empty,

I plummet out of the blue.


Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year. See you soon.

Gwen x


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