*This is a raw, unedited rant about benefits taken straight from my personal facebook page. It’s likely to be full of spelling and grammar errors given how angry I was feeling when I wrote it. Nonetheless, I think it’s well worth a read. I don’t know much about the financial situation we are in at the moment, but I do know that scapegoating the poor, the disabled and the disadvantaged is never the answer.*


Please just stop. Stop hating on people who are on benefits because they’re disabled, have a large family to support, have mental health issues, have immigrated here from a war torn country or simply cannot find a job in the current market. I guarantee they would kill to be in your shoes. Nobody chose this life, and by focusing on the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and the people who need our help most, by scapegoating the poor and the sick as the source of all our problems, we are ignoring the already wealthy who are responsible for our debt. By turning on each other, we are blinding ourselves to the politicians putting £100 breakfasts on business expenses and the bankers awarding themselves huge cash bonuses despite losing all our money. They want us to turn on each other, because as long as we direct our hatred at the woman on welfare who lives on a council estate, we are ignoring the politician who takes tax payers money and uses it to build a mote around his house. Things will never change if we continue to scape goat ordinary people on benefits. People who are scared and in pain and just trying to get by. I didn’t chose to be eligible for disabled living allowance, I’m not lazy or selfish and I’d change places with you in a heartbeat if I could. Open your eyes. I work just as hard as you do. I’m not the one that took your money.


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