It’s happening! I’ve finally booked a venue for the book launch of  The Poetry of Autism: Eyes of Perspective, and things are getting scarily real! For those of you who don’t know, Eyes of Perspective is the sequel to the hand bound, hand decorated poetry pamphlet Seeing Double: The Poetry of Autism, which I wrote with Joshua Williams, a Manchester based writer and artist who like me, has a diagnosis of autism. We launched The Poetry of Autism with a reading at The Bradford Playhouse last year, and enjoyed it so much we decided to do it all-over again!

I spent most of October collecting suitable poems by me, Joshua Williams and another emerging autistic writer Andrew Smith. After lots of editing, and several late night  cutting and sticking sessions, I’d finally bound 100 copies by early January. I was all set to launch the book by late March, but then life intervened. To be honest the past six or seven months have been mental, there’s been a death in the family, I got made redundant from my old job and I had a whole new one to get used to (going from working early evenings to having to be on my train by 8:30 in the morning was a real shock!) So here we are… several months after I last touched a copy of The Poetry of Autism: Eyes of Perspective, and I finally have a launch date!

On the 17th of June, 7:00pm at The Bradford Playhouse, I’ll be doing a poetry reading with Andrew Smith and Joshua Williams. The reading will be followed by a Q and A session, and a chance to buy your very own copy of The Poetry of Autism: Eyes of Perspective. After the launch date I’ll be selling the book and the audio book version on Etsy, so if you can’t make it to the launch event and want to pre order a copy, just email me at

Praise for our first book, Seeing Double: The Poetry of Autism:

‘An inspiring anthology. The collection is touching and perhaps a little poignant in its exploration and expression of ASD. I’d definitely recommend this as a must-read for anyone, especially those wishing to gain a slight glimpse through the eyes of someone who experiences life from an unimaginable angle. Kudos to the authors; I’d love to see more creative work from them in the future’- Hannah Wood

I’m really excited to finally be going ahead with the book launch! Andrew Smith makes a fantastic addition to them team, and personally I think mine and Joshua’s writing has improved a great deal since the first volume of poetry came out. If you have any questions about the event, just comment below or email me.

Gwen 🙂



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