Hi all

I had a fantastic night last night at the book launch for The Poetry of Autism: Eyes of Perspective, where I performed my poems with Andrew Smith and Joshua Williams. Most of the performance was recorded, and I’ll be uploading the footage to YouTube as soon as possible. There are plenty of copies of the poetry pamphlet and the audio book left, which you can buy on Etsy for ¬£5:00:


Some feedback from an audience member who attended the launch:

‘Thanks for tonight’s reading at Playhouse, Your work is direct and very moving, I hope you know your worth, it is immense. For all that the poems describe aspects of autism, there are many universalities in them which we can all relate to. Illuminating stuff.’- Ian Tothill

Each poetry pamphlet is hand bound and hand decorated. I did the bulk of the book binding not long after Jane had passed away and it was incredibly soothing to just forget everything that had happened and immerse myself in some simple arts and crafts whilst listening to audiobooks on you tube. The poems are all original, and while the writing part was comparatively easy, meticulously editing each poem until it was suitable for publishing had me tearing out my hair. I’m proud of the final result, and hope that my own work lives up to the high quality of the poems submitted by Andrew Smith and Joshua Williams, whom I’d love to collaborate with again.


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