My names Gwen Greenwood, and I’m a twenty one year old Aspie living in Bradford. Last year I received some funding from  the charity 2:28 (and two donors who wish to remain anonymous) to form a social enterprise for autism awareness known as Seeing Double. Seeing Double works with children and adults on the autism spectrum to raise awareness, promote tolerance and encourage people effected by autism to express themselves through the creative arts. The Seeing Double blog is a huge part of that. I also do… drama workshops for autistic children, autism awareness training, freelance writing, workshops and performances that use poetry to spread disability awareness, mentor for autistic children, inspirational speeches and more.

To find out more, visit the Seeing Double website:

If you’re not sure what autism is yet, just look through a few of my articles.

You can buy my poetry here:

For business enquiries, email me at or leave a comment on the Seeing Double webpage.



8 thoughts

  1. Gwen how insightful this piece is and how eloquently written. Your strength when engulfed like is commendable as much as the kindness of the strangers who help. We do not talk about this very often and it is good to see that human kindness and empathy of others is alive and well, especially in Leeds train station!


  2. Hi Gwen,

    Your blog is currently included on our Actually Autistic Blogs List ( Please let us know how you want your blog described on that list (

    Thank you.

    Judy (An Autism Observer)


    1. Hi Judy, thanks so much for including me, you could describe my blog as ‘an autistic individual who lives and works with people with autism, drawing on her own experiences to raise awareness of autism and give a voice to people on the spectrum’

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